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After the automotive and aircraft industry, functional safety is now making headway in the elevator industry. The current structure of the Elevator Directive and the status of the associated elevator standards provide engineers with the tools and scope for new and innovative Programmable Electronic Safety Systems (PESS).

What is functional safety all about? How do you get started? And how do you avoid errors? In four free webinars the PESS-experts of Liftinstituut will give you a free introduction into the topic of functional safety and its translation into Programmable Electronic Safety Systems for elevators. Please join us, and level up with our experts.


Webinar 1: Tuesday April 28 2020, 15 h CET, 60 minutes

  • What is functional safety?
  • What are the most common misconceptions and failures?

Webinar 2: Tuesday May 12 2020, 15 h CET, 60 minutes

  • What is Safety Integrity Level (SIL)?
  • How to summarize safety in numbers

Webinar 3: Tuesday May 26 2020, 15 h CET, 60 minutes

  • The bigger picture of functional safety: the interconnection of standards

Webinar 4: Tuesday June 9, 15 h CET, 60 minutes

  • What is the FMEA (failure mode effects analysis)?
  • How to apply this analysis in the elevator industry

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