Attention to safety for fitters, inspectors and users of elevators during Safety Summit

‘At no time or place in the world has an elevator industry event ever been entirely focused on Elevator Safety with people from all aspects of the industry coming together for a sole safety goal, to save lives!’ Liftinstituut presented its ‘Integral Safety Vision’.

Substantive contribution

On 22 and 23 May the first Elevator Industry Safety Summit was held in Phoenix (U.S.). The aim of this summit is to further improve the safety of elevators, both for fitters, inspectors and users. Experts from all over the world came together for this. Liftinstituut is proud of the fact that it was able to make a substantive contribution to this summit. Robert Kaspersma, Product Specialist Certification, gave a presentation on the Liftinstituut’s ‘Integral Safety Vision’, in which Liftinstituut pleads for an approach in which not only technical safety but safe use is the focus. In addition video clips were shown, forming part of the Liftinstituut’s campaigns in the Netherlands for safe elevator and escalator use.


  • Safety is not easy
  • Product safety is one part
  • The other part is the user
  • We cannot assume that everybody understands our way of thinking

Download the presentation Integral Safety Vision as pdf.