Liftinstituut is delighted to announce that on 21 October 2016, it signed a cooperation agreement with the Elevator Test Centre at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU ETC).



Facilitating CE and ASME A17.7 certification 
The agreement serves two main purposes. First, it should facilitate CE and ASME A17.7 certification of Chinese elevator products by Liftinstituut in several ways, including logistics, language matters and costs. SJTU ETC will conduct tests and based on test reports, Liftinstituut will then certify products.


Liftinstituut has already had enthusiastic responses from Chinese manufacturers in the first two months of the partnership. These manufacturers are serious about exporting their products and recognize the value of a Liftinstituut certificate.


Access to the Chinese market
The second purpose of the partnership is to make it less complicated for Liftinstituut clients in Europe, North America and elsewhere to access the Chinese market. Clients can contact Liftinstituut who will work with SJTU ETC to ensure that the products concerned get the correct Chinese GB certification.



Both parties have expressed satisfaction with the new partnership and expect to make a bigger contribution to rising exports of safe elevator products to and from China.