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Together with Elevator World Inc., the consultancy organization Liftinstituut Solutions B.V. will organize the International Elevator & Escalator Symposium (IEES) 2018. The event will take place on the 15th and 16th of November in Istanbul. 


“Liftinstituut is bringing the world security and trust. Making it a little safer.” Do you want to be part of fulfilling that ambition? Do you want to make a meaningful difference? Currently we have an opening for a dedicated:


Product Specialist PESS (Programmable Electronics for Safety Systems)

In this role, you will be responsible for verifying product safety versus set regulations, analyzing deviations and making sure our customers products are compliant. The focus is on certification of programmable safety systems (hard- and software) that are increasingly finding their way into elevators and escalators.


Interlift 2017 in Augsburg (Germany) was the most successful Interlift in its history, which began in 1991. The trade fair set new records again, with 574 exhibitors and 21,260 visitors. In addition, the trade fair has become more of an international event, with participants from 48 countries and visitors from 97 countries. 92% of the exhibitors rated the fair as ‘satisfactory’ to ‘very good’. It met the expectations of 98% of the visitors.


Earlier this year Vestner had its Advance 5 lift certified by Liftinstituut.  Mr. Helmut Egner, Director Engineering, New Installations and Development of Vestner Aufzüge GmbH: "To obtain certification in accordance with the European Lifts Directive, the lift had to undergo a demanding evaluation by Liftinstituut. It was a rigorous and highly interactive process. We find certification an important element in the marketing of our products.”


Lifts that comply with NEN-EN 81-70 guarantee accessibility for everyone. Also for people with disabilities. The standard determines the cabin dimensions and interior accessories that facilitate access for people with disabilities. Now that there is a compromise on the contrast indications on the operating panel, publication is expected in the spring of 2018.


During Interlift 2017, Lars Gustavsson, from the ‘New Products Development’ management team at Orona Spain, received a new Energy Performance Certificate. John van Vliet, Managing Director of Liftinstituut, was on hand to present the certificate. It concerned an EPC certificate label A for the Orona M33v3 and M34 lifts and related to ISO 25745-2. Orona works closely with Liftinstituut on product and EPC certification and, in addition to safety, attaches great value to sustainability.


The standards for lifts EN 81-20, EN 81-50, and other standards for specific applications (e.g. EN 81-70, EN 81-71…) were recently updated and issued. Now again an update is necessary to fulfil the mandate of the European Commission to update Annex ZA. A change of Appendix ZA is considered as a technical adjustment with a new official edition of the standard. This could mean that recently purchased standards need to be purchased again! Also many documents with references to the dated versions might need to be updated again. A time consuming and costly affair.

‘At no time or place in the world has an elevator industry event ever been entirely focused on Elevator Safety with people from all aspects of the industry coming together for a sole safety goal, to save lives!’ Liftinstituut presented its ‘Integral Safety Vision’.


It wasn’t just the trade fair, but also the VFA Forum that attracted more visitors during Interlift 2017. Liftintituut was represented on the exhibition floor and also gave a talk during the VFA Forum. Tijmen Molema gave a talk about developments in the field of programmable electronic safety, as well as the advantages and pitfalls. Read the summary of the talk by Tijmen Molema.


Ms. Sooeun Jang, General Director, Young Heung Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.: "At the beginning of this year we had our 8 x 19 (W) IWRC suspension rope for lifts with 6 and 6.5 mm. outer diameter certified by Liftinstituut in accordance with the European Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU. To obtain certification, the rope had to undergo a stringent evaluation by Notified Body Liftinstituut. It is our belief, that a Liftinstituut certificate, once obtained, is a very important element in the international marketing of the product.”