Robert van der Bruggen, Manager Reco Special Products BV: "Recently we have introduced the youngest member in the range temporary lifts of Reco Special Products: the Reco Eventlift. The development was driven by the growing demand for small and easy-to-build-up temporary lifts for events and other indoor set-ups. The Reco Eventlift was certified by Liftinstituut."


For indoor use as well

“The Eventlift is delivered in separate components by means of a 20 ft shipping container. Because of those separate components the temporary elevator can also be installed indoors. It only needs an access door of 90x200 cm. Due to the low access height the elevator can be placed directly on the ground.”

Knowledge, flexibility and worldwide recognition

“The Reco Eventlift has been certified by Liftinstituut according to the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and the harmonized standard EN81-41. Reco has been working with Liftinstituut on product certification for a very long time - and to our complete satisfaction because of their knowledge, their flexibility and their good recognition throughout the world.”