Providing clarity about the energy consumption of your elevators


More and more organisations make demands on the energy consumption of elevators. They want the guarantee of the elevator company that the promised energy reduction is actually realized.


With advanced measuring methods Liftinstituut helps you to make the energy performance visible to your customers. Afterwards Liftinstituut provides you with a detailed report, an Energy Performance Certificate and an energy label.


Based on measurement in the actual situation

The energy consumption of an elevator depends on the architectural environment, the type of elevator and the way it is used. Therefore Liftinstituut measures the energy consumption of the elevator after installation by the elevator company. Measurements are carried out both during use and standstill, and in accordance with the stipulations of VDI 4707:1.


Reference story: A energy label for Mitsubishi Netherlands

In 2009 Liftinstituut presented Mitsubishi Elevator Europe and Eurocommerce Projectontwikkeling an Energy Performance Certificate with an A-class energy label. The certificate was awarded for Mitsubishi’s lift installation at the ‘Le Mirage’ office complex in Utrecht in the Netherlands.


In accordance with VDI 4707 Part 1: 2009

Five technically identical lifts have been installed in this building, for one of which Liftinstituut carried out energy consumption measurements during both use and standstill, in accordance with the stipulations of VDI 4707 Part 1: 2009. These measurements resulted in the first A-class energy label to be issued in the Netherlands.


First in the world

Herman van de Pasch of Mitsubishi Elevator Europe is proud of the certificate. “We are glad that Mitsubishi already responded to the demand for sustainability and energy saving in 2001, which has now also resulted in being awarded a certificate with an A-class energy label for the Mitsubishi NexWay lift.”


Developed for the future

Theo van Baal of Eurocommerce Projectontwikkeling is also very proud of the A label. “The A-class label for lifts fits in with our vision of providing new projects with sustainable solutions, such as applying a WKO (warm or cold storage) installation, daylight dependent regulation on armatures, and individual regulation of the climate installation per office space. Due to a sharpening of the Energy Performance Standard for Offices to 1.1, the problem of global warming, and the increased demand by the market for energy-saving solutions, project developers can no longer evade the need for sustainable development.


Energy neutral

Marco Waagmeester of Liftinstituut had great pleasure in presenting the Energy Performance Certificate. “The Dutch construction industry is devoting attention to sustainability and energy saving on all fronts. This is only logical in view of the desire to achieve energy-neutral buildings.”