> Officially recognized by the Dutch Council for Accreditation


Liftinstituut performs inspections for all types of lift and lift safety components. These include EU certification of lifts, escalators, façade maintenance equipment and safety components like locking devices, braking mechanisms, cable protection systems, buffers and printed circuit boards.


We perform these certifications for manufacturers all over the world based on European safety standards as defined in the Lift Directive and the Machinery Directive.


First European Notified Body

Liftinstituut was the first European certification organization to be appointed as a Notified Body (Nobo) for the Lift Directive. In recent years, we have carried out assignments for large international lift manufacturers giving us a great deal of knowledge and experience. As a lift manufacturer or installer, you too can benefit from our expertise.


More about the Lift Directive

National legislation of EU member states relating to lift safety has been replaced by the European Lift Directive. This directive has two important objectives:

  • To remove trade barriers: lifts and safety components produced in line with the directive may be traded freely throughout the EU.
  • To improve safety: the directive sets stringent requirements when it comes to safeguarding health and safety.


Greater freedom

The directive gives lift manufacturers greater design freedom. It’s now possible to choose alternatives to the possibilities offered by the harmonized European standards. But any alternatives chosen must meet the fundamental health and safety requirements laid down by the directive. Conformity with these requirements must be demonstrated by a risk assessment.


If you’re a manufacturer of lifts and safety components, you must establish that products meet the requirements stipulated by the directive. You can do this by using one of several conformity procedures. Depending on the procedure chosen, you and/or a designated certification organization (Notified Body) can take the required actions. If you choose to perform these actions yourself, you must work with a quality assurance system which has been certified by a Notified Body. This system must incorporate the requirements laid down by the directive.


You can choose the conformity procedure which best suits your needs.


Officially recognized by Dutch Council for Accreditation

Liftinstituut is officially recognized by the Dutch Council for Accreditation for product certification of hoisting and lifting equipment, and other horizontal and vertical transport systems (C067). This recognition is based on proven expertise, impartiality and quality. As a Notified Body, Liftinstituut is also qualified to conduct inspections based on EU directives.