Thanks to years of experience and extensive knowledge, Liftinstituut is your guide for all aspects of lift design, installation, operation and safety. We support organizations throughout the world with product certification, lift inspections, training and guidance.


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Liftinstituut offers enormous safety expertise in product certification of lifts and related machinery.


Certification not only says a lot about the product on offer, it also says a great deal about the manufacturer. After all, certification demands that the entire product meet all prevailing safety standards. Customers and consumers require more and more safety guarantees. Certification offers reassurance about the level of safety.

> Officially recognized by the Dutch Council for Accreditation


Liftinstituut performs inspections for all types of lift and lift safety components. These include EU certification of lifts, escalators, façade maintenance equipment and safety components like locking devices, braking mechanisms, cable protection systems, buffers and printed circuit boards.


We perform these certifications for manufacturers all over the world based on European safety standards as defined in the Lift Directive and the Machinery Directive.

> Officially accredited by ANSI as AECO for North America


In March 2009, the Liftinstituut was officially appointed as an Accredited Elevator/Escalator Certification Organization (AECO) by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) (ID#0842). As a result, Liftinstituut is qualified to certify elevators, escalators and components for the North American market according to code ASME A17.7/CSA B44.7.

Providing clarity about the energy consumption of your elevators


More and more organisations make demands on the energy consumption of elevators. They want the guarantee of the elevator company that the promised energy reduction is actually realized.


With advanced measuring methods Liftinstituut helps you to make the energy performance visible to your customers. Afterwards Liftinstituut provides you with a detailed report, an Energy Performance Certificate and an energy label.

> Sharing our knowledge with architects, project developers, building owners and managers


Liftinstituut has enormous in-house knowledge, based on many years’ experience. Whether you’re designing and building lifts or managing and running them, safety is crucial. But that’s not all it’s about. Reliability and total cost of ownership are also important. That’s why Liftinstituut offers a complete package of support services. Ask our account manager what Liftinstituut guidance can do for your business.

> Our worldwide training program


Liftinstituut has now combined all its international training programs under one name: LiftAcademy. It offers a range of courses on vertical transport, related technology and safety issues. The information and knowledge provided can be used by all kinds of engineers and managers. Whether they work in the lift industry or elsewhere, these training courses teach participants all around the world about the technology and safety aspects of lifts, escalators and suspended access equipment.