Liftinstituut is involved in all aspects of safety. We therefore take seriously our social responsibility to make lift and escalator users aware of how to use them safely. And so, as part of the annual Safety Awareness Week, last year the Liftinstituut developed a teaching package for primary schools.


Successful introduction

The package has been widely embraced by schools in the Netherlands because, as well as technology, it introduces children to other 21st century skills. The package was widely tested in November and met with great enthusiasm at a school in the Dutch village of Keldonk. Below you can see a short film about it.



Annual focus on safety
Liftinstituut has been closely involved in the international Safety Awareness Week since 2013. Every year we focus on a new theme that is relevant to lift and escalator users. What should you do if you get stuck in a lift? Why do parents need to be careful about children’s hands on glass lift doors? And how to use an escalator safely? For the last theme, we developed a spectacular video that was shared worldwide.