Last week, Liftinstituut CEO John van Vliet represented Liftinstituut at a meeting of an international panel of experts organized by the Singapore government. Owing to the many accidents involving lifts and escalators in the last year, the government of Singapore is committed to developing an effective policy on lift and escalator safety. 


Liftinstituut was asked to address this select group about lift regulations in Europe, and how safety inspections are handled in the different member states. Based on the information from Liftinstituut, the panel of experts will in turn advise the Singapore government about the prospective policy and the setting up of an inspection regime. 


Liftinstituut advises Singapore government about setting up an inspection regime

Everyone present was very impressed with the meeting and Mr. Van Vliet’s contribution. Not only attendees from Singapore but also those from neighbouring countries got a good insight into how lift and escalator inspections are handled throughout the world. An important conclusion was that in the end, it is not about governments, inspection organizations or lift maintenance companies, but about the user and the lift owner.