To improve your understanding of standards and your awareness on lift safety issues, your knowledge on risk assessments, or about building accessibility, call upon us.

Complete range of safety training course
Liftinstituut has a large knowledge base which it shares through training and courses. Knowledge is required when designing, manufacturing and installing lifts and carriers. Knowledge of technology but also knowledge of applicable statutory safety requirements as well as those currently being developed. Having the knowledge is not enough. You also need to be able to interpret the legislation and include it in your designs and risks analyses. The main objective is developing a product that can be installed safely and efficiently with a good price-performance ratio. 

Sharing knowledge and expertise
Liftinstituut has hands-on experience and knowledge it would like to share with you through objective-oriented training courses by design engineers, engineers in general and fitters. There are also many people that work on already installed and operational lifts and hoisting and lifting equipment. Examples are caretakers, cleaners, fire brigade people, window-cleaners, fitters and roofers. They must be able to perform their work safely. This not only requires reliable materials but also competence. Liftinstituut also anticipates these needs by offering a complete range of practice-based safety training courses. We offer three types of training courses. You can, therefore, determine which format fits your organisation best.


Customised training courses
Since every organisation is unique, Liftinstituut offers the opportunity to create a customised training course.


Competence: a strong tool
The market recognises quality and makes selections based on this quality. This is certainly also the case in relation to the quality of competence. Apart from the statutory obligation to train employees appropriately, for example, based on Working Conditions Acts, commercial strategic arguments also indicate that we should focus on this issue. There are also psychological arguments: employees perform better when they know that all that is possible is being done in the area of training and refresher courses. Employees that show that they exactly know how they must act, create confidence. The professionalism of companies that operate with perceptibly untrained employees, on the other hand, is quickly questioned.


As the Netherlands best known inspection body and knowledge centre for lifts, escalators and other technical installations, Liftinstituut is completely up to date regarding the latest developments in the areas of safety and technology. Our safety training courses are given by professionals from the field which means that the content is always extremely current.


Liftinstituut provides training courses for OTIS, Vodafone, ABP, KONE Turkey, Royal Dutch Navy, Accor Hotels, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, regional fire brigades, universities, hospitals, housing corporations and many more similar organisations.