Certified products give you an advantage! Liftinstituut offers a large wealth of safety expertise where product certification of lifts, hoisting and lifting equipment, amusement rides and machines is involved.

Product certificates do not only say a lot about that which is being offered but also about the company making the offer. Obtaining such certificates, after all, demands that the total product meets (European) safety standards including all the details. Customers and consumers require more and more safety guarantees in the shape of certificates. They offer security about the level of safety.


Hands-on expertise
Liftinstituut can boast of having many years experience and far-reaching expertise where product certification of lifts and hoisting and lifting equipment are involved. You can take advantage of this situation too. For example, for the following technical installations and systems:


  • Passenger and goods lifts
  • Construction site lifts for passengers and goods transportation
  • Material hoists of different sizes
  • Disabled lifts
  • Lifting platforms for passengers transport
  • Escalators and travellators
  • Facade maintenance equipment
  • Aerial platforms
  • Theatre systems
  • Warehouse control devices
  • Vehicle hoists
  • Compactors for dustcarts
  • Electrically driven hoists


Certification is mainly performed at the instructions of manufacturers, fitters and buyers.


EC certification
Liftinstituut will also perform EC type inspections for all the abovementioned systems and corresponding safety components. This can be, for example, EC type certification for lifts, escalators and facade maintenance equipment or EC type certification for safety components such as locking devices, braking mechanisms, cable protection systems, buffers and printed circuit boards.These certifications are performed for manufacturers all over the world and are usually based on European safety standards such as defined in the Directive for machines and the Directive for lifts.


Often mandatory but always ahead of the rest
The quality and safety of, for example, lifts, escalators and facade maintenance equipment must always be safeguarded. Virtually always certification processes are mandatory in partnership with a Notified body. Liftinstituut has Notified Body status. Everything is carried out based on European legislation. The perspective of the entrepreneur often is: “All those rules and regulations. Are they really necessary?” Implementing rules, after all, costs time and money. And yet, ignoring the rules can cost more. Because this is often regarded as negligence or as acting negligently. Certification will protect you against claims when disasters occur. It will show that you observed all the applicable rules and regulations. Customers do notice this. The market prefers recognised and recognisable safety.


Liftinstituut: officially recognised quality
Liftinstituut also makes its quality recognisable in relation to product certification: through accreditation by the Dutch council for accreditation (RvA) (C067) and registration of the organisation by the Dutch authorities at the European authorities in Brussels. And by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) (ID#0842).


Liftinstituut inspects and certifies products from the following as well as other organisations: KONE, OTIS, Hitachi, Schindler, Wittur, Daldoss, Mitsubishi, Sodimas, ThyssenKrupp, Bucher and Kleemann.