Safety and quality go hand-in-hand. Together with continuity. These factors form a trinity that deserves your attention. The more positive you distinguish yourself, the more the market learns to value your organisation and products. The consequences when company safety and quality are compromised can be very ugly. The negative influences of company accidents and claims are unfortunately often underestimated. Labels such as safe and good are often interpreted differently.


To which requirements do your processes, systems, products, services, work conditions and competences now legally have to meet? What are your obligations? What should be recommended? Which path should you walk to obtain the required certification quickly and purposefully? Liftinstituut will point out the path in the current jungle of laws, knowledge and safeguards. We will offer you full support. Not just as a simple service provider but as an involved and participating partner that continuously helps you find the right solution. From start-up all the way through to certification.


More than just lifts
When you first hear the name Liftinstituut you may think the company produces lifts, escalators, façade maintenance equipment and such. You may also think of the safety requirements that these installations have to meet. That is indeed part of what we do. But the scope of Liftinstituut covers a much broader area. We supervise many companies during the implementation and certification process related to quality, occupational health and safety and environmental management systems. We also make sure the competence of employees is optimised through training courses. We keep a close track of relevant developments. We inform our relations and provide assistance when it comes to implementation when required. All safety and quality assurance issues can be safely put into our hands. We will guide you in a practical and object-oriented manner through the correct processes to ensure you can obtain the essential certificates. Naturally, we will closely consult you during the whole process.