Liftinstituut offers full worldwide support. Not just as a simple service provider but as an involved and participating partner.

From now on we will keep you posted on all the safety and technical aspects which are relevant and important to you as lift owner, consultant or manufacturer. 


As an active worldwide Notified Body in lift safety, Liftinstituut strives to increase the mindset toward safety and especially lift safety by using their high quality specialized knowledge on lifts, standards, legal procedures, legislation procedures, health and safety standards, environmental standards and energy standards. All over the world.


Safety and quality go hand-in-hand. Together with continuity. These factors form a trinity that deserves your attention. The more positive you distinguish yourself, the more the market learns to value your organisation and products. The consequences when company safety and quality are compromised can be very ugly. The negative influences of company accidents and claims are unfortunately often underestimated. Labels such as safe and good are often interpreted differently.

Liftinstituut plays an important role with 200 employees. That is undeniable added value. We are small enough to be flexible, efficient and customer-focused and large enough to be active around the world. It was obvious that Liftinstituut was appointed as the first European Notified Body for all fields of action with regard to the directive related to lifts and that we are the chairperson of the consultative European Notified Body in the field of action of lifts. We are also a member of various Boards of Experts and we contribute to the national and international standards commissions.

Certified products give you an advantage! Liftinstituut offers a large wealth of safety expertise where product certification of lifts, hoisting and lifting equipment, amusement rides and machines is involved.

To improve your understanding of standards and your awareness on lift safety issues, your knowledge on risk assessments, or about building accessibility, call upon us.

Liftinstituut Organisation


Core values

Liftinstituut, as a certification body, strives to improve safety in the application of e.g. hoisting, lifting, and transport machines. The foundation of this purpose is formed by a concept that is included in its name: “Liftinstituut”.


Liftinstituut is an organisation that would like to be the connecting link between the parties involved in (elevator)safety, but is also an organisation that is absolutely independent, despite the fact that the organisation is active amongst all the parties involved with the execution of its activities.

To guarantee and continue this position, the management of Liftinstituut has conformed to basicly three conditions that must always be complied with and which forms the basis for all its activities and decisions:


1.     Impartiality

Employees of Liftinstituut prevent influence by third parties in every form of decision making, whether or not they are clients or other parties involved with the decision making.

2.     Objectivity

In all their decision making, the employees of Liftinstituut base themselves on knowledge and facts, whereby the objective is to involve as much as possible, but at least all available information, with the decision making.


3.     Independency

Despite the continuing commercialising of the company and the environment in which Liftinstituut operates, it is prevented that decision making is influenced by employees of the organisation due to financial or any other dependency of market participants in the perimeter of the organisation.

Linked to above three items all employees are obligated through their contractual employment with Liftinstituut. The management of Liftinstituut reports to internal and external (e.g. A17 comitee) board of experts with its defined core values and confirms the compliance of these values by recognition such as govermental directions like certification settings and accreditation certificates by the Accreditation Body (ANSI - ID#0842).


  • Liftinstituut B.V., like Liftinstituut Solutions B.V. , is a subsidiary company of Liftinstituut Holding B.V. 
  • Liftinstituut B.V. and Liftinstituut Solutions B.V. are two separate, completely independent operating entities.
  • Liftinstituut B.V. is solely responsible for the information posted on


Liftinstituut also makes its quality recognisable in relation to product certification: through accreditation by the Dutch council for accreditation (RvA) and registration of the organisation by the Dutch authorities at the European authorities in Brussels (C067).

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